I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with Cory Fugate. He was patient with all of the obstacles that continues to pop up with the install and explained everything that needed to be done to leave us with a system that was user friendly and that should last us for many years to come. As you probably know, the install ended up being much bigger project than we, or you, expected, and Cory did a great job, not giving up, and in our opinion, going above & beyond when the unexpected problems came up. The various guys that were here with Cory- esspecially, Stephen and Bryce – were also professional and kind! Stephen has always been able to explain things in a great way!

Also, the ladies in your office were very professional, kind and accommodating when I needed to ask questinos and get additional things taken care of

All that to say, thank you and your staff for making what could have been a very stressful project, less stressful and for getting the job done – and done right!

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