Control the Entrances and Exits of Your Building

We offer access control services that you can trust

You shouldn't have to worry about intruders or unauthorized persons in your building. Put your mind at ease by getting an access control system installed. Texas Homeland Security & Sound can add a security access control system to your building in a way that works for you. This system will allow you to:

Manage access with programmed key fobs
Manage access on one panel
Control gates and check the security system from your phone
Add access timers to interior and exterior doors

If you're not satisfied with your current security or access control system, we may be able to replace it. Consult us about our access control services today. We'll be happy to give you a free estimate.

Get round-the-clock control

An access control system will allow you to grant or deny access to your building instantly. You can also grant 24-hour access to yourself and select employees. To make your building safer and more secure, book our access control services now.